PSum Mini Game
For desktop computer environments only

(Freebies open in a new tab.)
Use the mouse to click anywhere inside the game world to begin, and to click alert buttons.
Use the directional pad to get PSium through each level, while collecting bonus material along the way.
Get a free music download upon completion of each level!
Don't fall in pitfalls, don't fall on spikes, don't hit enemies, and don't get hit by enemies.
Bounce to victory!

Follow the spotted path without falling in gaps and make your way to the special box.
In level song
On my bicycle

Continue along the spotted path without falling. Get to the special box.
In level song
Just quit instrumental

Avoid falling enemies, then bounce to special box without landing on spikes.
In level song
fdf instrumental

Avoid obsticals haters and pitfalls as you reach the special box.
In level song
Mtts instrumental

Follow the dotted path, bouncing to victory.
In level song

Thank you for playing PSum. I hope you enjoyed.
-P Dallas

1)Press up and right on the directional pad simultaneously to jump gaps

2) Press up while bouncing to add to your jump.

3) There are secret downloads and more.

4) From time to time player1 gets stuck, hit the directional pad in the direction of the stuck movement once to unstick the player.

5) Screenshot completion messages and send them to for each level completion and secret download found IF the google drive page containing your earned download does not automatically pop up in a new window.

Soo... I made a desktop computer game. It's pretty simple, 5 levels.
Anyone with a desktop computer wanna try it and give me feedback?

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